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Feb 6, 2013 12:00pm EST
for the struggling u.s. postal service. starting august 5, the agency says it will stop delivering certain types of mail on saturday. that could save $2 billion per year. not everyone is on board with this decision. >> they are trying to close a $21 billion gap. the postmaster general says there are getting rid of the six-day package delivery will continue. any post office open on saturday will remain open. >> our new delivery settled schedule helps us reduce some of the pressure. >> this is the best way to save money. customers say they think there are other solutions out there. >> they should raise rates and keep 60 service. >> this customer says he would be willing to pay more postage if the post office keeps his current delivery schedule. the president of the national association of letters caria says -- carriers says -- >> it is not important. it does not affect me at all. >> following a developing story after d.c. police were involved in the shooting this morning in northwest washington. john gonzalez has been following that story. he has the latest. >> is a disturbing scene
Feb 1, 2013 12:00pm EST
in our satellite center latest. >> good afternoon. the turkish prime minister says u.s. embassy bomber is domestic weapons group. identity this his noon. do know this investigation at this hour overseas washington. >> state department officials the terrorist attack just outside the u.s. around 6:15 this eastern time. said the expected suicide bomber set off a bomb, killing himself and at least one other who officials say it was an embassy guard. several others were injured. the bomb appears to have inside a security checkpoint within the embassy. the door to the embassy was off but the ambassadors say the inside of the embassy not sustain any damage. collects these attacks are the peace and welfare of the country. we will stand tall. we will stay together and overcome it. >> the embassy is heavily protected and located next to several other embassies. while there has been no official from the white house u.s. embassy here in d.c., sources say top government closeals are keeping a eye on the situation. >> we will continue to fight terrorism together. >> at this hour, just within
Feb 15, 2013 12:00pm EST
lot. >> our first scandal in the 1800's. a u.s. representative out of town a lot. >> his wife teresa puts a white handkerchief on the second-floor railing. her lover and across the square, fillipo, the son of francis scott key, he would see the white handkerchief and would raise his own white handkerchief and that would be their signal to meet. >> when her husband learned of the affair, he told his wife to send a signal again and then key showed up instead. >> he said, is council, you betrayed my house, now prepared to die. snooki shoots and kills him in lafayette park confesses an aside, leading a temporary insanity, a first. he is seen as a hero by some. >> he is, because his marriage was violated. >> most people think of when abraham lincoln was killed at, that it was a great loss for the country, but they don't think about the other characters involved. >> and there was the man seated next to the president that night at the theater and unable to stop john wilkes booth. the egg yolks underwhelms him. -- the guilt the overwhelms him. >> he becomes insane and spends 20 years in an a
Feb 7, 2013 12:00pm EST
questions about the u.s. drone program. he is president obama's nominee to head the cia. his confirmation hearing when the white house faces increasing criticism for its drawn attack policy. as the president counter- terrorism chief, he was a big force behind the strikes. white house is backing the program. courts are counter-terrorism efforts are designed including our targeted efforts to limit civilian casualties. >> a main issue lawmakers came earlier this week when an unclassified memo came out. the memo said the justice department could target american citizens tied to al qaeda if it believes that they pose an imminent threat. a senate panel has postponed a vote on chuck hagel's nomination to become defense secretary. republicans were not satisfied with the information he provided during last week's confirmation hearing. they want more details about his paid speeches and his business dealings. the former nebraska senator already faced opposition for his past statements and votes on israel iran, and nuclear weapons. president obama the first lady, and vice president joe b
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm EST
u.s.. president barack obama say the tests do not make north korea more secure. he called it a highly provocative act that undermines regional stability and warrants action. several countries including germany, japan, and north korea's only ally china, joined the u.s. in the opposition. south koreans called it unforgivable. >> this government have investigating nuclear tests while their people are starving. this has to stop. >> this is very regrettable and i hope the south korean government working alongside the international community will stay strong so north korea will never be able to do it again. >> analysts say the timing of this is not a coincidence. this comes just aft -- just hours before the president's state of the union address. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> if we are also learning details about the man suspected of opening fire in a delaware court house. law officials say the shooter was 68-year-old thomas. that identity has not been confirmed. christine belford was killed yesterday. more than 40 students at the university of virginia are being treated for bacteri
Feb 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
build a marine security guard posts and embassies that are more secure. coming after the attack on u.s. consulates in libya and turkey. it heads to a vote in the house. >> a florida judge denied defense requests to delay the trial of george zimmerman. the former neighborhood watch volunteer is charged with second-degree murder for the shooting death of an all mourned t -- unarmed teenager trayvon martin. zimmerman claims he shot martin in self-defense after the teen attack him. the trial will begin as scheduled june 10. today trayvon martin's family and friends are celebrating what would have been his 18th birthday. >> a 5-year-old boy held hostage for nearly a week in and of the grant -- underground bunker in alabama has now been reunited with his mother. authorities storm the bunker after negotiation with suspect jimmie lee dykes broke down. officials are not releasing any details on the rate but they say he was shot and killed. police and family of a boy named ethan are just glad he is safe. >> he is happy to be home. he is very excited. like a said, he is happy to be home. and he l
Feb 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
. the automaker is recalling about 570,000 cars in the u.s. and canada. the battery cable connector could fail and cause the vehicle to stall. the three series models made between 2007 and 2011 as well as coupes and convertibles from 2008 until 2012. so far, no major injuries have been reported. metro track ropes -- trakcck works continure.e. on the blue line as well as on the green line between greenbelt and college park. trains are single tracking on the red line between rhode island avenue and takoma. >> she is on her way to making history. danica patrick scored big in the daytona 500. >> a break for facebook this season. the social network site is paying zero in taxes. it is getting millions in return. a chilly day today. plenty of sunshine today. >> you're watching abc 7 at noon. on your side. >> mindy mccready was a promising singer. she was known for her troubles. >> after years of fighting addiction, police found her dead from an apparent suicide. >> arkansas authorities found the body of the 37-year-old country singer on her front porch in the same place her boyfriend and t
Feb 19, 2013 12:00pm EST
the hacking of u.s. military contractors and energy companies. hundred 41 major hacking attempts were traced to a people's liberation army building in shanghai. -- a d.c. councilman wants the power to shut down stores dealing in stolen cell phone. the legislation would give the mayor authority to temporarily close a store caught selling stolen telephones. the closure last 72 hours. the emergency legislation would be in place 90 days. the proposal comes a week after he pleaded police were blaming games stopped and other stores for dealing in stolen phones. >> a scaled back bus rapid transit system now. the county had planned a 160 mile rapid transit network. but an outside firm found ridership would not be high enough to justify such an expansive line. the washington examiner reports the county transportation planners now proposed a 79 mile network with eight routes. no estimate on how much that would cost. >> coming up, the duchess of cambridge back in the public eye and sporting the baby bump. >> could you handle a job interview in 140 characters? more employers are starting to hire
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8